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Katie Welsford
Complementary Therapist & Artist

A Body of Work


 Katie Welsford is an artist who works as a complementary therapist from her West Wales coastal practice hut called Noddfa,


Noddfa is a bespoke, handmade  contemporary hut specifically designed for offering complementary therapies. 

Noddfa is a Welsh word meaning a haven, a refuge, a sanctuary, a place of welcome and peace, a place where you can regain energy.

Katie has trained in many different bodywork modalities & she now works with a combination of intergrating various techniques to create unique treatments for each client. She endeavours to answer each body's current concerns by working with her intuition, her sensory perception, in silence & stillness, to listen & respond to the body with her hands.

Katie also works as a complementary therapist for Pembrokeshire's Paul Sartori Hospice at home, working in patients homes all over Pembrokeshire alongside the palliative clinical care team, offering patients complementary therapies at the end of their lives.


Katie is fully insured and a member of the Federation for Holistic Therapists. She has a level 3 V.T.C.T Diploma, in Complementary Therapies. AdditionKatie is trained in Upledger cranial sacral techniques, JING advanced clinical massage techniques, hot stone massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, body massage, Indian head massage, facial reflexology, hand reflexology, onsite massage, oncology reflexology and massage, pregnancy massage. Katie is trained in Jikiden reiki-Shoden (level 1) and Okoden (level 2).

 Katie has experience of offering complementary therapies in retreat centres, care homes, onsite in schools, hospitals & healthcare settings.

Katie has a background in fine art sculpture, university lecturing & secondary school teaching.

She has volunteered for the British Red Cross, PIPELINE & the NHS as a qualified breastfeeding peer supporter.

Katie perceives her bodywork practice being entwined with her artistic practice as each discipline informs and inspires the other. She applies creativity to both aspects of her "work" & each one overlaps & merges with the other.

Her body work is her body of work.


T.07984 723865

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