Mass, 2006

Mass is an ongoing collection of erased Ordnance Survey maps.  They present the idea of an imagined landscape of the future and that of the past. By using readily available hand held ordnance survey maps, they are simply, slowly erased by using a rubbing motion with the fingers and water, onto the maps paper surface.  The piece charts the shape of parts of the UK but without its network of recognisable places and routes.  By a process of erasure the country becomes a land mass, one big landscape as it once was and how it could be, void of mankind’s interference. 

This piece suggests a foreboding message about the future of our civilisation, if we continue to damage the environment or use weapons of mass destruction.  This silent, repetitive act of erasure has eradicated the network of towns and cities that we are so familiar with.  Therefore a new map has been created, one that predicts humanities and the landscape’s possible future.