Bury Art Gallery and Museum

PaperWorks Exhibition May-July 2006 - Paper art in the 21st Century

This exhibition explores paper as a means of expression.  Traditionally paper has been used as a support for something else, a drawing or a painting.  The show focuses our attention on the characteristics of paper  and challenges our notion of what constitutes an artwork.

For this selected group show in the North of Manchester, I was asked to exhibit two pieces of work.  The first piece is titled “Home Comfort” and it is a piece of work that explores the notion of how we decorate our homes to create a safe, comforting space.  This piece was made from a roll of wallpaper that was padded to create a long length of soft furnishing.  The piece was displayed on the floor, in a spiral so that the full padded effect could be appreciated.

The second piece is titled “Self defence” and this piece looked at how we guard ourselves and protect ourselves against emotional injury.  The piece was a pattern template, made from tracing paper, for a pair of boxing gloves, so that you could make your own pair of boxing gloves, when needed.  The delicate paper pattern was mounted behind glass and hung on the wall for this exhibition.