Circuit, Performance piece, August 1999

During my residency at Tout Quarry on the Isle of Portland I spent some time doing some site specific performance pieces that were inspired by the Portland Stone that i was living amongst.  This piece of work is a series of photographs which documented my connection with stone.  I carved finger prints into the stone and then held the stone whilst i moved it around my body, winding the stone around me, climbing over it, tying myself in knots, a loop of stone and body. 

During my residency I was inspired by the old methods of quarrying the stone by hand, opposed to the dynamite quarrying methods of today.  I was amazed that such a vast area of landscape could be quarried by hand, and it made me consider the body's relationship to Tout Quarry, the muscles and sweat that went into the extraction of the stone that were to line the streets of London or construct St Pauls Cathedral.  Touch and physical effort are a part of Tout Quarry's history.  This performance with Portland stone was a way of expressing the body's relationship to the landscape and how the two are linked.